Did I?

| Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you want me to tell you about my delight? or despair? How last Friday morning in office number three my own muscles suggested its origins, not in marriage, not adolescence or even childhood but in utero? It is not just a person’s physical constitution, their intelligence, their education, or even their social conditioning that enables them to withstand hardship.

Much more significant is their inner development. And while some may be able to survive through sheer willpower, the ones who suffer the least are those who have a high degree of patience and courage in the face of adversity. Here is a good song from a good movie followed by a poem by me.. inspiration is you :)

Naata samajhe na yeh dil mera..
Jaanu na jaanu na isako kya huva..

Did I tell you?
The most deafening silence,
Is NOT getting to hear your voice.

Did I tell you?
You bring a joy to my heart,
I've never felt before.

Did I tell you?
Whenever we say goodbye,
whenever we part,
know I hold you dearly,
deep inside my heart.

Are you thinking of me too?


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