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| Friday, June 13, 2008

Kamal Hassan! takes tremendous effort to talk different languages rather different dialects, goes through a lot of pain with his make up, brilliantly showcases his acting capability with his body language dominating - quite an effort at his age, decent story, some what lacking script and disappointing characterization sums up Dasavatharam.

The ten roles and the ones I liked highlighted:

*Rangarajan – Iyengar

*Govind Ramaswamy – Bio- Scientist

*Fletcher – Villan

*Naidu – Investigator

*Boovaragan – A down-to-earth man

*Mrs. Krishaveni – An old woman

*Japanese Guy

*Kaimal - muslim guy

* Mr Avataar – pop singer

*George W Bush – American President!!

Note: These are based on his performance(body language) not their characterization.


Posted by : Jegan
Date :Friday, June 13, 2008
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