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| Thursday, December 27, 2012
My quick list on my Samsung Galaxy Note II now tops with ARR’s music, after a while I must say. Well, it is not an exaggeration if I say that Nejukulle from Kadal is the new silence in my life. My ears are filled with just that and nothing else, except when I have to meet the obligations of mankind, you know, like listening to them when they talk. Sakthi Shree Gopalan does a very neat job.

Haricharan follows up his astounding rendition in Aiyaiyaiyo aanandhame (Kumki) with a blow-the-rafters-off vocal performance. Mr. D Imman's orchestra is very grand. It is quite different yet classical.

Ennodu Vaa Vaa is followed that sustains the long lasting interest for this playlist altogether. This song is absolutely groovy carrying a slight funky touch in the charanams, beautifully sung by Karthik. Absolute stunner this song is, however reminds me too much of Nilavu Paatu from Kannukkul Nilavu. How I miss Hariharan!

D Imman returns to do a solo rendition of Onnum Puriyala, and pulls it off beautifully. The orchestration is equally brilliant here, taking on a Illayaraja-esque quality in places (particularly felt that with the usage of chorus in the second interlude) and the first few picks on guitar.

The last song of this top five closes with Vennilave. Though the typical slow song to relax your mood by Harris. The delayed flute intrudes makes it quite interesting to continue listening. Hariharan and Bombay Jeyashree's renditions wins it into the top 5.


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