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Wishes for you!

| Monday, November 3, 2014
I'm not a religious person. I'm more spiritual, I believe. Earlier this year, I have been tested like I have never been tested before. There have been so many trials in all aspects of my life -- love, family, work, friends, self. My emotions were overflowing I didn't know how to contain myself. I was holding on to my virtues tightly.

Then I realized all the while I was seeking for material things.. until last Friday, while driving to work, I realized there is one thing that I really need -- peace. Peace on earth, peace on our hearts, peace of mind. There are millions of non-material things I can wish for you but this is what my heart yearns. Today, the 3rd of Nov - Zero Fourteen as you (will hopefully) blow the candle on your cake, I'll be praying and wishing you for one thing, peace.

I know it is not much Reetu, but this all I have to say - I will always remember the relationship we had and that was very special to me. I understand that there is no reason to be together again since you do not feel the same for me. Be sure that someone else will conquer your love, so I can only wish you the best.

Wishes for you!

Posted by : Jegan
Date :Monday, November 3, 2014
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