| Monday, August 2, 2010
A R Rahman is repeating his sounds... wait have I said it before? Okay let me try this again;
Mr Rahman's choices of sounds for the "futuristic" "Robo" movie is very amateurish in my opinion. On top of it I hear Liquid Dance - Slumdog Millionaire, Kathal Vetukili - Parasuram, Thigu Thigu - Ah Aah, New title song - New, Usure Poguthey - Raavanan, Hello Doctor - Kadhal Desam, Boom Boom - Boys, O Rey Chhori- Lagaan, Once upon a time.. - Lagaan.. and the list goes on. Yet I must agree it is quite convincing too. I guess it could be because of my expectation for an ARR - "dummy" Shankar combo. But if Rajini-ARR combo like Muthu is to be considered then I am sorry to say but this album sounds phony to be called A R Rahmans'.

Moving on to the individual tracks:
Puthiya Manidha sang by S P B with supporting vocals by A R R and his Daughter Khadeeja starts slowly and brings about some interesting pitch rendering with supporting orchestration, the songs sounds like the 90s Rahman is peeking with his lets experiment hat on. 3.9\5

Arima Arima by Hariharan & Sadhana Sargam has a very catchy rhythm with the melody that sounds to be based on raag Keeravani is sure to keep you dancing. And with Hari rocking his aggressive vocals this song will be the chart topper. 4.5/5

Kilimanjaro sang by Javed Ali & (Chi)nmayi is a naughty number with Javed Ali breezing thru Tamil. The song seems to be using a lot of persuasive lyrics with matching percussion. 4/5

Boom Boom Robot da sang by Yogi B, Keerthi Sagathia, Swetha Mohan and Tanvi Shah is one of the four robotic sounding songs. Intersting lyrics. The song maybe like by the wannabe bros of Chennai. 3.2/5

Chitti Dance Showcase with vocals by Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani & Yogi B sounds like ARR was in a "wotever" mood. 1.4/5

Irumbile oru Irudhayam sang by A.R.Rahman & Kash n’ Krissy has some very surprisingly good vocals by A R Rahman, btw he sounds very different too. A peppy number should give us the boosting energy to dance on the floor. Oh and the Gwen Stefani sounding gal adds a ton of attitude to the song. 3.6/5

Kadhal Anukkal sang by Vijay Prakash & Shreya Ghosal has some nice guitars intros and that about it. 2.5/5

Overall I think this album just like any other Rahman album will grow on you but to me lacks soul. And some horrible lyrics adds to it..


  1. Can the reviewer stop drinking the Hariharan kool aid and provide a unbiased review please ;-)

  2. What my opinion is after once more ...once more...once more...once more listening of the songs of the movie Einthiran ...is that Puthiya Manitha took no. 1 spot and 2nd comes in Arima Arima.

    Amateurish wouldn't be a choice of word or best describes this album. It is more of an Equilibrium of mass and class put together. It's definitely not a love at first sight but more like a seed which grows into a beautiful tree and starts to blossom.

  3. ...and btw Cali Mafia... Hariharan Kool Aid rompa kudicha mathiri teriyalayea ..and yeah one more thing I was expecting better use of Yogi B.. I mean that dude is a Tamil Rapper..oh well.

  4. @Shan, 3.9 for Thalaivar's intro song and 4.5 for a situation song... Is that not drinking cool aid? ;-)

    @Jegan, Bhagavathare theerpai maathi eazhudhu :D:D

  5. @Calimafia...hahahaha Nice!!!!

    Elay theerpai maathi eazhudhu-ley

    Puthiya Manitha deserves 4.5 or more!!!

  6. Yo Calimafi(a?)! the reason i gave puthiya manitha 3.9 was only cuz to me it does not have a cathcy rhythm for an intro song.. u know when Rajini comes on screen u want the music to elevate his presence with joyful rhythms!!! not some weird sounding experiment!! but nevertheless it does sound appealing .. and i do like the pitching variation in spbs singing.. AND sorry to say but Arima Arima rocks in bringing that Rajini feel and Hari as usual ROCKS!!! lol

  7. maybe i will give it a 4.1 for you guys love it sooo much.. or actually Mr. Calimafia did not even listen yet.. so.. mmmm

  8. Mr Calimafia ..heard Puthiya Manitha! And I think it does give the feel as soon you hear S P B' s voice with the progression


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