The Cove

| Friday, August 6, 2010
This year’s Oscar-winning feature documentary, The Cove, an astonishing film that exposes the bloody truth behind the worldwide trade in dolphins.

The Cove is a remarkable documentary that follows the brave exploits of American activist Richard O’Barry as he tries to blow the lid of the bloody international trade in dolphins by exposing what happens in a tiny cove near the Japanese town of Taiji. O’Barry himself was once a prominent figure in the very industry he now fights. He captured and trained the five dolphins involved in the making of the popular TV series Flipper.

Using a crack team of free divers, surveillance experts, scientists and special effects wizards, The Cove, which has been described as an “eco-thriller”, will entertain you as much as it’s guaranteed to shock and infuriate you. The film was beautifully shot and directed by renowned photographer Louie Psihoyos. It has caused an uproar around the globe, including in Japan itself, and has already made an invaluable contribution to putting an end to the barbaric practices it unveils. A must-see!


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