Keep it a secret..

| Saturday, August 7, 2010
Throbbing drums, addictive arrangement of tough, rhythmic verses and melodic choruses open the single, punctuated by cunning synthesizers. The verses have an interesting beat made up of Jacksons own vocal humming and then some sensual lyrics over the top. Jackson's prowess as a lyricist has in my opinion, always seemed to never get enough credit, always seemed like a backseat to his exceptional sounds and magnifying, electrifying dance work. Did I say sensual? Well, I meant to say lecherously an astounding song.

The strong and dangerous feel combined with super catchy rhythms makes it an infectious song, particularly Jackson's high-pitched singing at the chorus. In the second stanza; supremely catchy if underutilized "there's something about you baby" chorus, is an undeniable highlight to showcase my words. Michael Jackson's music is as untouchable as his dancing. Nobody can come near what he did for music. I consider him a genius not only because of his dance but because he had consistently astonishing records. So, having said this, I consider him up with the Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Beatles.

Listen; read a few lines of this song which talk about keep an intimate relationship in the dark:

There's Something I Have To Say To You
If You Promise You'll Understand
I Cannot Contain Myself
When In Your Presence
I'm So Humble, Touch Me
Don't Hide Our Love
Woman To Man.


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