8/25 9:35

| Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where is my summer????? After another cloud-filled day, I think I’m ready to throw in the towel. It seems the only way to get any ‘summer’ out of the summer here is to leave town. Even if I go 30 miles, I know that I’ll be getting more sunshine than around here. And I swear if I hear that ggHH&&**ggU* quote one more time…! Thanks Sharmi!!!

But for as much as I look forward to the foretold September summer, its arrival will mean the end of another short summer. Anyways today is quite a special day for my good old friend Chandru!! He is a first time father since 9:35pm today!!! Congrats to you buddy!!! You are getting oooold!! lol

Anyway I think as one grows older however, their romantic and interpersonal relationships matures, and they actually became more self-honest about their feelings; At least that is what I think and hope I am becoming. But to answer your question: Yes, I do one day want to attach my name to a very loose title: “father”.


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