Anbe Sivam again!!

| Thursday, March 24, 2011
I was watching "Anbe Sivam" last night, WHAT A MOVIE!!! and beautiful concept and thought! If you have not yet watched the movie I say you are missing a lot.. really lot! My one liners about the movie as follows: I exist within me only. Others exist because one imagine others do. Otherwise," other" is not here. No past; No future, only PRESENT! And, there is nothing to give and take in the world. Only to share with the others. All relations, friends, acquaintance and strangers are just a small part of your life. Don't take any talks of culture, religion and civilization sincerely. They are decaying with each moment of time. Death is most lovable part of life. It can come in conscious or unconscious state of mind. Love is is the only truth.

So, please, watch the movie at least for this awesome quote by Kamala Hassan in the film; Love would be cherished even if the Taj Mahal were to be ram shackled. Communism is a feeling, which would continue to amaze everyone when the underlying egalitarian thought is provoked in our everyday life moments. It was there and would be there, although an attempt in the Soviet Union has been faltered. There is a difference between validity of the concept and the fallouts in execution. We would be insulting Gandhi if we wore Khadhi, preached indignity of fellow beings, mocked self-respect and humiliated truth.


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