Because of you..

| Monday, October 4, 2010

In this world,
Where hate and violence roams around every corner,
And the monster inside of us wanders restlessly throughout the night,
There is still hope.
All this chaos is no match for you.
All you have to do is smile and you bring so much happiness and joy.
Even in the coldest winters,
When the lakes freeze over and hundreds of people are freezing
and the cold stretches from their head to their toes,
The warmth that you bring is enough to give them peace.
But even though this might be selfish,
You will always be mine.
My arms will always be wrapped tight around you,
Even if we seem like we are two people, we are in fact one.
We might be distanced by culture, faith and language;
But the truth is you are my other half.
We were destined to be together.
You are everything im not.
And I'm everything that you want.
Your eyes are my guiding light,
And my words, are your guide.
When we finally meet,
We will finally become one.
We’ll shine to be brighter than the sun,
and we will dance wildly in the night like fireflies in the moonlit sky.
We will bring happiness to the world,
Together, we bring hope to all.
Baby, its a fact.
You are everything in my life.
You are my beautiful rescue,
My love,
My only one.
I wouldnt mind waiting 100 years or 1000,
if i could just become your love.
Hands down, you are my Angel in this world.
I hope you never change.
You are forever always in my head.
I think about you everyday,
1000 times a day or maybe its more,
It's about every single moment in my life.
Together we shine brighter than all the stars in the sky.
I want to stay with you always and forever,
Always by your side.
We are love,
We are hope,
We are eternity.
If anybody say otherwise, they are dead wrong.
We are bigger than love.
Baby, Together we are invincible.
So lets hurry up and find each other,
so we can make this a reality.


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