Butterflies Are Free

| Friday, September 17, 2010
Although there are a couple exterior and location shots most of it takes place in the same setting, the main characters apartment. But. nevertheless it works wonders for the film as it showcases the acting talent of the cast and the technical talent of the crew.

The story is of a young blind man's quest to taste independence, especially from his mother and his encounters in doing so. It is a gentler tale of truth, freedom, the generation gap and young love. Though this outline of the movie is very typical of its time, Butterflies Are Free is special as its main character aka the hero is blind. It is quite a interesting perspective, the movie records his exploration into the adult world of choices, emotions, sex (or love) and life itself. In the movie, his mother character who goes from being overprotective (naturally) to having to push her son from the nest. The different emotions portrayed by the character are wonderful and I/we (desi's) could/can (all) connect to her as an overprotective parent.

Butterflies Are Free a must watch for its brilliance in character development, screenplay, performance and because I say so!!

Raaja Paarvai; Okay, in my view the Tamil movie is a re incarnation of Butterflies are free. I think you have to give credit to Kamal Haasan for his brilliant adaptation. I am not saying this just because I am an ardent fan of his works but it speaks for itself. I demand you to watch both the movies before sitting in for an argument.. maybe discussion? ;)

The similarities are quite obvious when you see them both; Kamal is a blind musician; he seeks to be independent from his mother; his heroine is bold and outgoing. That is it. Everything else is Kamal's improvisation.


  1. Ulagathukku sudaadha pazham saapidra madhiri kaamichuttu ullukkule sutta pazham saaptundu irundhu irukkar Alwarpet Aandavar... "Aandavaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (in Nayagan tone)


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