My birthday today! Rejoice!

| Thursday, December 16, 2010
Today is my birthday. To be honest with you, since I was old enough to think by myself, I do not really like celebrating my birthday … It is a sort of indefinable feeling that prevents me from jumping to the ceiling when this day comes …

But one thing is sure, I do appreciate when people remember it. That is the case today, especially when I didn’t know that I had so many great friends! Not many know when my birthday is;

Point one: I never put it out for anyone to see on any social sites;

Point two: I do not tell anyone when my birthday is even when asked;

Point three: I usually spend the day with my family and very close special friends only;

But anyway I was thrilled to have received some unexpected wishes.. and at the same time a bit disappointed when some expected wishes never made it through. But oh well, it’s better like that as it educates me.

How old am I? I’m young enough to act, to behave and to think like a “mature” man. If you get what I mean then you are probably around my age! LOL!

Is age that important? I don’t think so … at the same time I can’t seem to put out of my mind that I get older and older every year. I feel it as a kind of frustrating and slow walk towards my final destination: DEATH (now I know you’re getting scared). I know that I’m too young to think about death but I just don’t like this kind of “obligation” that years put on you, to be, to think and to act as it will never be.

On a happier note, this years birthday is indeed a very very very special one as I got my first wishes from my LOVED nephews!!!!! They made my entire year so worthwhile with their beautiful childlike rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU with a kiss to seal it. I love them soooo very much! So once again; Today is my birthday and today ends in 2 mins!!!! IRONY!


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