| Saturday, December 18, 2010
A world without Internet, the most important invention of the 20th century, would be unimaginable. The World Wide Web doesn’t only bring together the continents, but it unites as well the people from all the different countries. And what’s more…. the famous cybersex has already become a normal part of the sexual life of many users. Whether it’s chats, games, videos or online striptease, the Internet has a lot to offer for every kind of taste and preferences. The inventions of the various possibilities of the virtual erotic world overflow the cyber landscape. The technical aspect is especially confronted with new challenges for making the cybersex even more real.
Have you ever heard something about the High Joy Enabled iVibe Controller? Sounds quite freaky and it really is. It’s a kind of love set with a vibrator for her and a special one for him. Sounds very normal, but the set also contains some software and a USB cable. What is that all for? Well, you just have to connect the equipment to your computer, find a willing “chat partner“and then the party can get started. Due to the program the computers are connected with each other, so that one of the chat partners can control the sex toy of the other person. With a few mouse clicks the partner produces certain vibrations and pleasure for the other one. This invention with the support of a webcam can really rescue a lot of long-distance relationships or bring together love pairs from different parts of the world. Orgasm by a few mouse clicks, sounds easy!
Another version, but without annoying cables in the genital area, is the so called “OIOO”. With this special set the two sex toys are connected via Bluetooth. Via an internet telephone, sexual pulses will be transmitted which will be decoded in the artificial genitals into vibrations. With this technique you don’t have to concentrate on making mouse clicks for satisfying your partner. Now you only need some candle light and romantic music, and the date would be perfect.
Of course, the moral questions exert a certain influence in this matter. Is it really healthy to achieve an orgasm with some latex, silicone, mouse clicks and a fast internet connection? But undoubtedly those new inventions of the progressive technology will make a lot of lonely hearts beat faster. But you should try to spend fewer hours in front of the PC and get out and date some real people.
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