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| Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes I have searched every where too. And I thought this great songs needs to be recognized! Thus my attempt. Correct as needed!

Whenever I do "go back" listening to 80s Raja and 90s Puyal and all those come/go artist, I found myself that I recharged, I have a new love again to play music.

First, I present to you the Maestro of India, who, here has provided beautiful string orchestration. The songs also has some interesting chords with guitar & flute taking the lead initially then followed by the violins. The interludes too have abundance of sounds from these instruments. Not to forget S P Bala and S Janaki who just makes it more charming. Extra kudos to S P Bala for his improvisation with his laughter! Listen for your self:

Idaiyinil unn viralgal..yezhudhidum yen sugangal
Anaikkaiyil unn udalil azhundhidum yen nagangal
Meendum meendum naan vendum bodhu...
Kaadhal yogam dhaan kattil meedhu
Kaaa vendum unnodu dhaan

Secondly, please sit back and relax to this extraordinary work by Mr A R Rahman. He does what he is best at, evoking the feeling of pain and loneliness. In this particular song as usual Rahman keeps changing between minor and major scales. What more can I say? I am so lost in the pan flute which takes up playing a sweet melody with the strings continuing to support it, the danya part of the tabla which keeps coming in between surprising you at the same time making you to want more. And of course the singers, we have Sujatha rendering beautiful aalaps. And S P Bala in Tamil and Hariharan rendering Hindi. There is also a second Hindi version with S P Bala taking the lead but honestly Hariharan blows him! I am posting all three versions you be the judge!

Tamil - S P Bala & Sujatha
Velli oadai paesinaal sonna vaarththai njaabagam..
Dhaegam rendum saergaiyil moagam konda njaabagam..

Hindi - Hariharan & Sujatha
Koi nahi hai mera sirf teri aas hai..
Khwabo mein tu saanso mein tu roja..

Hindi - S P Bala & Sujatha
Jee raha hu isliye dil mein pyaar hai tera..
Zulm sah raha hu kyo intezar hai tera..

More soon :)


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