| Friday, July 23, 2010
"Great leaders are not born. They are made—to a large extent, self-made.."-Marshall Goldsmith

The above quote makes a lot of sense to me now. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I seem to be getting some good attention these days. My productivity stream is looking brighter than yesterdays. The networking I've been trying my hand at for a while seems to be falling in place. I am getting things done my way and in the right way. I am happy!! Je le sais, je le pense, aussi j'y crois un peu plus que toi Jegan!

I was invited to a lunch meeting day before yesterday by my parent company's president Mr. Rick Learner.I must say I felt very much appreciated and valued around him. A good client of mine had arranged for the lunch meet. He wanted to treat me for my efforts in helping him maintain a good financial standpoint. As a thank you note he treated me and invited Rick too. I must say I was very surprised at some of the extra good comments I heard him say about me to Rick. No, I don't mean I don't deserve it, it is just that I don't recall doing anything that deserved appreciation to that extend. I mean I did my job sincerely and as always tried to go the extra mile but still kept it within my range. Anyway It was a very good day, lunch!!! Thanks to Joe Giordano!


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