Kiosk Gal!

| Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Ok, lets' face it we have all tried to pick up the girl working a kiosk at the mall. One of the young saleswomen at that kiosk grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards her until my hand rested on her chest. Then she rubbed lotion onto my fingers.I thought the next thing she was going to do was a lap dance...

I am not going to lie, it was a hard choice, but I did walk away not buying, but my friend, whom I shall not mention to save his face..(you better thank me) did end up buying a hand lotion!! for his supposedly sister!!! Anyway to elborate on our conversation after, my point is this; a beautiful sexy girl in the mall, randomly calling you over. You approach, and she's immediately flirting with you, asking questions to find out if you have a girlfriend, and batting her eyes in a way that could even charm Richard Simmons.Within a minute, she's pushing you with perfume, hand cream, whatever beauty products she happens to be selling. Now,.. if you're a mark,.. you're already glancing over the kiosk at bottles of crap you don't know the first thing about, and planning what you're going to buy to make her happy.

After all, this girl likes you, and you don't want to let her down. Maybe buying something will really impress her... right? She could be all yours, and the only thing standing in your way is a $20 bottle of anti-aging solution.WAKE UP!!This girl is not INTO you. This girl is using " you. Why else would a well dressed, attractive girl be working at a mall kiosk? ..because she's a good salesperson and makes tons of money because she's on commission. She's not desperate to meet guys.. after all, she's got looks and personality. When she's at the bar on her personal time, she can pick up a guy 10 times over in the course of the night without so much as lifting a finger.

This girl is no different than a stripper that hasn't lost the entirety of her self esteem yet.. and good for her if she keeps roping in poor saps!So this is lesson 1, and it doesn't apply ONLY to these kiosk girls.. random women do not often approach men and flirt with them. When they do, they WANT something from you. Don't even give them the time of day. Only after enough of us show them that their looks are not the ULTIMATE power binding the galaxy will they resort to taking off their clothes for cash, selling the miniscule scraps of dignity they can manage to scrape up from the bottom of their souls, until they're one day spit out the bottom of the pile.. old and used up,.. and well beyond the days when they could have had a respectable man in their lives...and when that day comes.. you'll know that you helped get revenge on a woman who made a living off of taking advantage of men.


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