MIllion thoughts...

| Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yet again, I've been away... from this.. a word collage of reflections of my mind, personality and opinions onto this blog. Don't ask me why, 'cause it ain't that exciting of an answer...

Anyways, as I always say how we are our own Gurus.…that your Teacher lies Within. It felt so true today, when I observed my self leading the way and giving me worded instructions every now and then….It's been a few whirl-winded weeks, full of fun, family, friends and trips. Somewhere, there are a million thoughts I want to put down, a million feelings I want to share, and a million pictures yet to be found.

One day. One day... well one day will never fully happen, because this life gives us so much new joy each day that taking the time to list it all can never allow us to catch up. That's really my one area of sadness here; that there's something that I need to get out that I'll miss or simply gloss over.

My biggest failing is impatience. It always has been impatience, and this one negative trait has a domino effect on my life in the problems that it creates. I just can't seem to wait for that ONE day!


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