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| Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am trying to figure out the reasoning's behind my impatience.. the overwhelming brain functions with all the potential subject matter swarming through my head! If one could have a panic attack at the mere thought of blogging then that is what I am experiencing right this second! It is 2 AM and I literally have to step away from my computer in an effort to calm the sudden rapid fire of circuitry within my brain.

It is funny, I have been wanting to post for more than a week now.. but been putting it aside and today when I am sitting down here in front of my PC at 2 in the morning I am experiencing this!!

It’s ludicrous! The thoughts – like young children vying for the undivided attention of its mother – clamor above each other. Ricocheting off my frontal lobes is a battle of prospective subject candidates endeavoring to be heard by me. Whichever emotion, thought, unasked question, or unspoken deed to ultimately capture my notice is then allowed the privilege of being expressed through the written word. The creation of my blog!

To me, a personal diary, some to be understood only by me. Reminding me; I am still a jiva not free of maya. Yet here I am reaching(trying) out to my atma... the ME not tied to a body or earthly existence in any way.


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