Happy Birthday Pranav & Siddhu!

| Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two years ago today, I urgently needed a haircut and was at a fucked up situation (mentally). My sister’s water broke that morning, and by 5 AM, I became Unlce (Mama) Jegan!!! Three weeks later I flew out to Dead-monton as my sister puts Edmonton, looked like a maniac in all the pictures with my boys, and then quit my job* (part-time) upon my return to Maryland. A few things will be different this time.

A week from today my bro is going to Edmonton again; to celebrate the two little youngsters’s second!!!!! birthday, while I am getting a haircut and staying back as I have other things to worry about.. or maybe I am forced to! Well, at lease this time around I won’t look like a maniac in all the pictures with my nephews. Simply because I wont be there physically!

But all my heart and soul is there with you only my beloved nephews Pranav & Sidharth! Here I wish you a many many Happy Happy Happy returns of the day!!!

Nephews: I know you guys won't be reading this nor would it make any sense to you now but jut like how you guys were loved even before you were born... (isn't that the greatest thing to know btw.. lol).... even before I knew you were you... I already loved you... I hope one day you will see this and remember me.

Happy Birthday... I Love You!


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