Did I!?

| Friday, November 26, 2010
Yup, I did it at last! After some 11 years in the United States of America, only yesterday I took on the BF sale! And that too was an accident of a sort. Confusing? Yes it indeed was very confusing to me too!

I believe BF is nothing but a BIG FAT scam!!!!!!! Yes! I still do stand by that believe even today, even after my BF shopping last night. Why? Simply because it's too much for many to resist. And when one is caught up in such vulnerable state of mind, they WILL do everything that they in the right mind will not be doing.

Anyway last night at around 6 p.m. I took my Vizio Blu Ray player (VBR120) which btw, I strongly discourage buying to the Walmart on RT 174 in an attempt to return. It had to be an attemplt as I did not have my recipt with me. DUD! But anyway upon my arrival at the customer service center I learned that due to the lack of a receipt I had to either exchange or get store credit crushing my dream of getting the money back to buy the Sony BDP-S570. So with much irritation I went back to the electronics department looking for a decent Bly Ray player and to my surprise found the S570 available. Typically Walmart carries only Vizio, LG, Magnovox and Samsung players. It was priced at $158, a mark down from $198 or a rollback as they called it. I knew Target had the player for $209 which I was going to buy initialy so natuaraly this seemed a better deal so I took the LAST box from the shelve to the CS rep.

More pleasent surprise awaits; the CSR rings my Vizio for a return at $98 and scans the New Sony I just picked up and to both our surprise it came up to be $90!! NINTY dollars!!! I looked delightely surprised at him and he said I guess it must be a BF special. HAPPY FACE!!

I returned home with 10 dollars in my pocket and a new, better.. much better player in my hands. So, being caught up in the BF SALE aroma I decided I will take another round at the stores which were all open almost all night just to see what I can snatch or maybe not. No surprise there; most of the items at the stores I went to were all crappy out of league, old, out dated, made in china, cheap stuff with big price tags. Which were now marked down due to the special BF sale! Although very few good items were available on a discount most was crap that you did not need. But I did have a good time watching people fight and stand in line to buy cheap crappy items thinking they got a deal! Here is an example; Walmart had a Laptop for $198!! Any average shopper would look at it and go WOW!!! Only the smart ones will look to see the specs and go HAHA.. what a crap! The specs of the Walmart laptop reads: Intel Celeron, 160GB, Wireless Lan, 15.6" LCD and many more! The line to buy the laptop which went on sale only from 5 a.m. today went from aisle 2 all the way like a snake to aisle 22!!!

Summary; it really is a zero-sum game. Either the store wins or you win. You win when you buy the exact item you want at the price you want or you don’t buy at all and walk away with your cash. The store wins when you buy something else out of desperation or frustration.


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