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| Monday, December 14, 2009
Per your request some light shown into my thoughts;

Questions: Have you ever wondered? What the major difference is between marriages here(western countries) and marriages back home?

Ans: Yes I have, I think it is simply the understanding of it; explanation as follows:
Most people in the western society marry someone to whom they are romantically involved versus us easterners marry for more practical reasons. Westerners fall in love for they are romantically involved with the other and the problem with that is; romance is nothing but an act of our own internal fantasies! These fantasies are inspired by movies, television, popular songs, novels, magazines and so on. So the chances of these marriages of failing is high comparatively due to the high expectations of someone whom you have already explored!

Back home it simply a process that is needed for physical and mental needs. So the curiosity and need for exploration is high making the time together adventures and hopefully fun! If there is to be any affection, it might develop later as I think it(affection) needs time.


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