My beautiful poem...

| Thursday, August 6, 2009
Alone, in the pitch dark;
Lost my way, I ponder of her;
Her face, her smile, her eyes;
Divinity in motion;
All that I wish now;
To see her again;
As she is the only one;
Who really matters to me.

I think of her all the time;
Hoping, one day I will call her mine.

At night when I'm alone,
I tend to think about her.
Asking myself constantly-
why cant life be different?
If life were different,
we would be happy together.

If comparing her to anyone else,
she always comes out above.
Her beauty and elegance,
are that of my poem;
though expressive not fully appreciated!

Now I'm sleeping,
and what does my dream consist of?
Not of her beauty,
but of her love.

Tomorrow will be the same,
another lonely night.
Wanting so badly,
to hold her tight.
My beautiful poem!


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