| Monday, July 30, 2007

Di you know? Fragmentation and frustration are constant companions, which I believe only increases its relevance and importance. Some say; I think too much. But I HAVE to think...and to think big. I have to be amazed and take a stand in life!

So, I often wonder what makes people do what they do and act/react the way they do?
So many people are rude ( YES! I am at times too) and rather nasty to others and they don´t think in psychological terms (who is this person I´m talking to, what is behind him/her) - how to be a caring and decent human being. In other words they don´t try to look behind what´s really inside the soul of their fellow man. So in an attempt: Please send me some of your philosophy...and let me include it on my blog....yours, mine and ours ! Let´s connect and speak our minds...because the mind is the worlds greatest computer !


  1. ItsTsunamiMaann!!August 2, 2007 at 2:52 PM

    Most times, its the mental state of the person/persons involved in the conversation...Again mental state is driven by the situations/circumstances that they are in/going through... These are usually the principal factors that force people to behave in such a manner...

    Ennada ivvalo "OR" options poattu pesarannu parkarela...Adhuvum "CHICHUVASION" thaan :-))

    Ungal sindhanai mealum valam para en vaazhthukkal


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