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| Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Iruvathu Vayathu Varai
Yen Petroorin Vaasam Irunthen
Iruvathu Nimidathileaa
Naaan Une Vaasam Aaagiviten
Une Kaanil Enna Ganthamo
Naan Ariyen Naan Ariyen
Kaathal Seiytha Maayamo
Naan Ariyen Naan Ariyen
Ennil Vantha Maatram Yenavoo
Paarvaigalum Moothiyeathee
Kodi Minnal Thondruthe
Idhayam Idam Maariyathe
Iru Uyirum Sernthathe
As Hariharan evinces the raaga Charukishi in the charanam of the above mentioned song, you are left to wonder the versatililty of the great maestro. Though the song is not solely based of Charukishi, the impeccable improvisation on the line 'Yen Petroorin Vaasam Irunthen' towards the end.. the line makes the song sound as if it is in a different raaga. Only someone with tremendous amount of improvising skills can think about such an impromptu embellishment. It is like Shreya humming Bina Tere Koi Dilkash Nazaara Hum Na Dekhengee..


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