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| Tuesday, June 26, 2007
So one of my good friend is getting back with his girl. They seem to be back in form and seeks togetherness for eternity! Here, wishing 'em all the more. Talking about love and marriage, what do you guys think about long distance love? It has to be the ultimate genuine love!!! I mean, here, in this part of the world we have gf and bfs cheating on each other with the other half being around. Thought it also happens back home, it is a rarity. But what about long distance love? The one with the physical barrier. What’s the hardest part of a barrier of love?

First let me say; I am not judging but questioning. We look for happiness in a person; not to say that is unhealthy but the problem is we expect someone to make us happy. By doing so we set ourself up to be hurt because of our expectations! As our natural state of mind is generally self-centered, we tend to seek love that is visionary. By saying that I mean often times one wants to be welcomed when coming in and wants to be received. Physical(self)love.

But again, selfishness is exactly the problem that we have as people. One of the problems that we have when somebody brings correction to us, we tend to imagine that correction as so out of the ordinary, so unusual, so above and beyond what’s appropriate. And it’s very difficult often for us to receive correction because we tend to camp out in a sense that, “Hey, I’m doing pretty good and I’m trying hard.” And of course we really underline the phrase, “I’m trying hard.” So when some criticism comes against us, there’s an offense because we say, “Well you don’t see how hard I’m trying and you’re just making this cut and dry statement criticizing me and...” So we tend to operate out of selfishness and selfishness means self-interest. To doubt is human, and all of us at some time or the other have experienced irrational doubts. But instead of succumbing to your doubts, learn from them by resolving.


  1. Very nicely written abt partners and relationships. Nothing in here can be disagreed. Good views:)


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