| Sunday, June 3, 2007
I am well aware of the fact that "labelling" is what everyone does. If you want to be a friend of everyone...you will end up being a friend of no one. .

If you’re sacrificing yourself for friendships which would never exist if you hadn’t changed your personality, are these friendships worth having? I, personally is not willing to sacrifice myself in the name of extending my circle of friends. I’ve come to realize that perhaps there are people who’ll never see eye-to-eye, who’ll never be able to be your true friends. I understand this to be an unending debate. For friendship is; compromise as much as self-worth is individuality.I do not need to tell you that in life, change is constant. Things are always dissolving, diluting, dying. Thus one can either race against time in an effort to accomplish as much as possible "squeeze it all in" which can be fun and exhilarating but ultimately can wear you out. Or ride life’s ever-charging flow by learning to relax, surrender, and let go, you realize that stillness is a magnet for contentment. What ever that you choose when it comes to friendship, I think that by not telling your friend how you really feel, you are doing a great disservice to yourself and your friendship. Boy, I tell you these days, you just don't even know who to trust! But TRUST one friend who slanders- to be your not true friend.


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