| Saturday, January 26, 2013
More than, the ban of Vishwaroopam, I have become a little tired of the efforts for "high production value" in recent years. It seems like many Indian, especially south film making "pundits" see this as meaning "special effects" more than anything else. The number of movies that are just high quality works with good actors and a strong plot and few extra, unneeded frills seems to have greatly decreased in the last couple of decades.

Good movie, specifically cinematography is not just about ‘eye‑candy’, but about giving substance and meaning to what’s on screen, using technology, skill and artistic expression.  It’s not even just about careful framing and high production values: matching up ‘moods’ and ‘feels’ is arguably even more important. And Vishwaroopam is one such movie with outstanding cinematography & audio-graphy brought together in a brilliant way by Dr. Kamal Haasan!


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