fixing my ship..

| Friday, June 5, 2009
To find true friendship, I have now realized that I need to give my true, honest and unconditional love to you. Especially through hard emotional times. I know it is easy to break but extremely hard to patch up. So I am not going to end it here now I shall wait for the day to begin a new.. I know keeping contact is hard but I would never give up cause I know it is hard to keep you but it will be a lot harder to find you again. You once asked me; "if you believe in rebirth then what relation would you like to have with me?" and I said I do not believe in rebirth, I lied!!!

The thing is; I know it is hard to wait on something that you think might never happen, but it is harder to give up when it is all that I ever wanted! Someone once said shout and everyone hears what you say, whisper and those close hear what you say, be silent and those who loves you would hear what you say.. I hope you can hear me.


  1. Deep man... Listen to Natpinile (bit song) from Kadhal Konden

  2. Cafo style brah ;-)... Peter vidaradhunnu decide panni aachuna, full stylele irangida vendiyadhu thaane..


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