| Sunday, December 21, 2008
Yes, your married. I don’t care! I love you, but I cannot tell you, even though, I know you love me back. I wish you wouldn’t love me, then at least my heart would feel the bitter emptiness and hopefully forget about you. Your love has kept me from shutting down thought. It has kept me from closing the door on you as well. Your love runs so deep that if it were a cut on you, you would be dead already. I know you do not love your husband as you love me. I know. Your husband is so handsome and charming, but I know I am the one for you. I was the one for you since the day I saw you. Yes you are nine years my junior, but I don’t care. I couldn’t care less.
I would never ask you to leave your husband. He needs you emotionally and physically while I only need you to be somewhere near my life. If you ever left your husband for me, I would never forgive you. He loves you so. The idea is unthinkable.

I read the above as a fwd and found it to be an interesting confession ...


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