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| Friday, October 12, 2007
Persistence, I want, I want and I do!. Well, I finally got my mom and dad halfway talked into which itself is half the battle won in my eyes.I don’t know if it was a parental moment of weakness or my constant badgering that did it but my parents agreed I could go out and start looking for a motorcycle! So watch this column guys, as it might be soon before I park a real picture here :) :) :)

People(you know who you are) who've never ridden a motorcycle are constantly telling me how dangerous it is, and how crazy I am to do so. There is, no doubt an increased element of risk, but I look at it this way. But let's just say I found out I only had six months to live and one of the things I'd always wanted to do was ride a motorcycle, but had always been too afraid to do so. Obviously, I'd rush out and buy a motorcycle and enjoy it as long as I could. So here's the question. Why wait?

I refuse to live my life regretting to do the things that I want to do, and which are currently within my means. As BMW puts is:

"Happiness is not just around the corner. Happiness is the corner."


  1. but dont you have to get a motorcycle license first??

    so anyway even if you already have a motorcycle license, I think this is not a good time because it's gonna get cold.. so you wont be able to ride it often. I would say, wait till 4 or 5 months and then buy one. :)

  2. R U always bright like this?? :P Yes, I do have class M and FYI - they do have winter jackets that you wear when cold..but nevertheless thanks for your advice :)


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