| Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For reasons unknown to me, I am suddenly felling very bored.. routine life! I need some kind of change, but not able to figure out what yet! It is very confusingly tiring to think about it!!!Imagine if life followed the path of a line, it would be nice, calm, straightforward, YAWN, life would be boring!

We would all be headed the same way, we would all be uniform, we would all have boring boring life's, where is the fun in a line! lines are not fun, lines have a purpose, strive to complete a mission, but what would you learn as a line, nothing, you would only learn whatever you came across on your straight path, however, as a person who can jump to any part of the page you wish to be, you can learn about so many more exciting things, I am glad I am not a line. Lines are boring! I want to be their inspiration, their dreams, and their reality.

On the other hand, line put together to make art can be a concept. I never thought about till now, and no that's not boring!I suppose it also depends on the type line! straight lines or arty lines squiggly lines zig zag lines and the best of all pick up lines ;) now they can be fun!


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